Steel Drums

Totestx Packaging Solutions steel drums meet the most stringent packing requirements for the handling of dangerous products, especially in the chemical and petrochemical fields. Innovations, including our drums’ triple seam and W-shaped rolling hoops, provide superior strength and durability. Additionally, the “necked-in” feature of our ISO open head drums minimizes transit damage when shipping products overseas in containers.

We also know how important your brand is to your business, and our expertise in multicolor painting, screen printing, and drum decoration helps ensure your distinct branding, colors and logos are instantly recognizable in the marketplace.

A leader in the manufacture and delivery of new steel drums for over a century, Totestx Packaging Solutions is also a global leader in the collection, refurbishment, reuse and recycling of steel drums. With this unique service, we can help you better manage your packaging inventory and environmental impact.

Our global reach doesn’t just apply to drum delivery, but to sustainability as well. We can help you manage the full packaging lifecycle, and help you save resources by implementing reuse, refurbishment and recycling plans for your packaging on a global scale.