Plastic Drums

No matter the size, scale or nature of your work, Totestx Packaging Solutions has an ideal plastic drum solution. Our drums are well suited for most major industries, including petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food production applications.

We’re industry leaders with a wide range of designs for the reliable, safe handling of sensitive and dangerous goods.

But we’re also so much more. We constantly strive to improve our products and create new ones. And we can partner with you through the entire industrial packaging cycle—from design, to production, to utilization, to reuse and recycling—to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency and sustainably.

Totestx Packaging Solutions plastic drums are:

  • Ideal for liquid and powder/solid filling goods
  • UN-approved for liquids and solids
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and accessory sets
  • Available with barrier layer or as conductive (EX) versions